August 23, 2012

The Lowdown

 So here it is. 
I'm going to move the blog.
Soon it will still be at the same domain (, but for the moment I moved it to:

This change is due to:
1 - The way I am trying to build Megs Colleen Artistry's brand.  With the blogger platform I am currently using I just don't have the options I need to make your experience more enjoyable.

2 - This blog no longer expresses what I need it to express.  With life changing, and me moving out and studying Graphic Design I want to use the blog as more of a sharing space for what I am learning as well as a sort of portfolio.  I want you to be able to access it more readily, and I want you to be able to comment on it more easily so we can actually interact.  ;)

I hope you enjoy the new site, and if there are any quirks let me know! 


August 20, 2012

Kira || Portraits || Intern

Hey lovely people!
today I am presenting Kira's fantastic portrait session!  This session turned out so fabulously and it was great to work with Kira.  Let me give you some quick background info:
Early on this year Kira contacted me for some photography business help as she is starting her business (Yeah for high school students starting they're own business!!).  We talked over some lunch and kept in contact following that meeting.  I sent Kira some more info via email, and since then she has second shot one wedding for me and we have chatted briefly about the wonderful program I use for my website (showit!).  I'm so excited to see where God takes Kira as she is so adorable and has so much to offer the photography community!! 

If you have a chance, make sure you take a little time and give Kira some love!

Have a wonderful week!


//©2012Megs Colleen//

July 23, 2012

// Engagement: Hilary and Adam //

Hilary and I met about 4 years ago (wow, I hadn't even realized that it had been that long!) when she volunteered at Lake Lundgren Bible Camp as a counselor.  I stayed in her cabin as a Leadership Development Camper (counselor in training) and she was fantastic!  I had such and amazing time with her and she impacted my counseling skills so much!  At some point in the past couple years Hilary got a hold of my business card and this spring she and Adam booked me for there upcoming January wedding.  This weekend I took a couple hours off from my position at Lake Lundgren Bible Camp, and met up with Hilary and Adam for this amazing shoot!  It was fantastic!  They are so adorable, and brought a lovely picnic of cheese, crackers, and some chocolate cookies (of which they shared with me!).  We had such a good time and I can't express how encouraging this shoot was for me, and how pumped it made me to capture their wedding day. 

P.S. This is a pretty long sit back and enjoy!


Check them out in High Def on my portfolio page: HERE
Give them some facebook love: HERE

Have a fabulous week!


//©2012Megs Colleen//